New Mainstore location

New Mainstore location

Hi dolls ♥

It’s that time again, we had to move. I really hope it will be permanent this time, tho.

There is no new release yet, because I’ve been searching for suitable parcel and working on the new Mainstore, but our VIP GROUP IS FREE for a limited time. VIP gifts can be found in our special VIP room ♥


New Mainstore

New Mainstore

Hello everyone!

It was faster than I thought it will be.
Wonderful news! Nuve joined forces with a few talented designers and moved to the shared region. Isn’t that wonderful?

Celebrate with us!
Visit our new MAINSTORE and receive 250L$ store credit one time reward by clicking the Reward terminal (exclusively for NUVE VIP GROUP members).

We also have new discount room on the 1st floor. Everything released before rebranding under the old Spicy brand is discounted by 30% permanently.