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Body v3 – BOM

Hi everyone,

Exciting news! I just released new body.
– The body is BOM only and it’s compatible with Belleza, Legacy, Maitreya, Signature, Slink.
– It comes in 12 tones – milk, porcelain, fair, sunkissed, peach, golden, tan, caramel, nougat, cappuccino, toffee, cocoa
– 3 types of breats are included
– Body freckles and moles are included
– Body specific feet are included (Belleza, Legacy, Maitreya, Signature, Slink)

You can visit the MAINSTORE and receive your new body v3 via redelivery terminal. You can also test the demo or purchase new body on Marketplace.

Until I figure out a better way, if you are interested in body v2 for your Spicy skin, you can contact me with transaction history of any of my skins except Catwa: Wicked witch, Vixen, Dark Elf, Vamp, Lucy, Hope, Dollie and super old releases.
The reason why is simple.
Above mentioned skin packs contain already retired body skins and skin tones.

Take a clear picture of your avatar along with the skin in your inventory with selected properties, where the names of designer and owner are clearly visible (fore example https://gyazo.com) and contact me via NC or IM.

Body v3 will replace body v2 and will be sold separately. Body v2 will replace body v1 (included in skinpacks since 2019) in future skin pack releases.

Body v3 !New! (sold separately)

Body v2 (will be included in future skin releases)

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French Manicure – The Makeover room

Hello everyone ♥

I’ve been looking for some nails, but I wasn’t very happy with what I had, so I decided to create set of natural looking french manicure. It’s available in 6 colors and 4 shades, so 24 variations in total. You can pick the exact tone that matches your skin color.

I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner. It was fun! 😉

Exclusively for The Makeover Room event.
Available at the Mainstore after the event ends.


Body applier v2 Omega&BOM update

Hi everyone,

So, I finally managed to find some time to update the optional body (Body applier v2). Well… Technically it’s v2.1 now 🙂 You won’t find significant changes. I improved look of the skin texture, belly, added 1 more cleavage option, added no nipple option, changed highlights a bit and other small improvements.

The body is an optional purchase. It doesn’t come with my skins. Skin packages contain different body v1, so it’s entirely up to you if you wanna purchase it or not. If you purchased body addon in the past and you didn’t receive redelivery, stop by at the mainstore and get your update from redelivery terminal. If you have any issues with redelivery, you can message me in-world or send NC preferably. Remember the more informations you provide, the faster I will solve the problem (transaction history, screens etc.).

Body applier comes in the Omega applier system, BOM (system layers) and it’s available in Light, Medium, Tan, Dark skin tone packages + Fat pack. Single pack contains 3 skin tones, 4 types of cleavage and option without nipples.

*Please note, that BOM layers are intended for mesh bodies and not system avatars.

Genus Project: All releases
Lelutka: All releases
Catwa: Adele, Dottie, Olivia II., Millie, Emma + future releases

Message me
Mainstore Taxi

*Body used for photos is Belleza Freya

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Charlie – Lelutka skin applier

Hello everyone ♥

It’s here, finally. I managed to create skin for so much requested Lelutka heads. I got Aida, but I tried really hard to make it as flexible as possible to fit more Lelutka heads. Aida (Head line 2) can be seen on the AD and bellow is a raw shot of Chloe head (Head line 1).

Single pack: 3 skin tones, 4 eyebrow versions + browless version, shape for Chloe and Aida + Freya body, basic body applier, 3 Hairbases + 1 tintable (NEW hairbases), eyebrow shaper

Fat pack: 12 skin tones, 4 eyebrow versions + browless version, shape for Chloe and Aida + Freya body, basic body applier, 3 Hairbases + 1 tintable (NEW hairbases), eyebrow shaper

* System layers included. Please, note that system layers are intended for baked on mesh, not system bodies.


Charlie skin worn on Chloe head, raw shot with advanced lighting and shadows. Windlight pink blush I use on ADs can be downloaded HERE
Special Events

Black Friday

Yay it’s here!

23. 11. – 26. 11. 2018

30% off everything! Meaning:
Skin Fat packs: 1400L$
Skin Single packs: 490L$
The discount is available for all members of Skin Addiction group in-world. Just wear the Skin addiction group tag and you’re all set! 🙂

Hurry, the event ends by the 26th of November.

Visit our in-world store and get your Black Friday HUD! ♥