Lizzie Skin/Eyebrows/Liptint and Essential eyeliners – Lelutka Evo X

Ohhh 50s, what an elegant period.

That’s a theme for Anthem event in April. Lizzie was inspired by pin up girls and paired with essential eyeliners every girl simply needs! ♥
Lelutka Evo X and AK ADVX compatible BOM layers.

Lizzie skin (photographed in porcelain skin tone on Lelutka Evo X Kaya):
– Brows & Browless face
– Basic body skin v 2 (universal fit)
– Skin tinter (cooling filter) to tone down saturation or tint the skin
– shape

– Standard pack of 6 eyebrows – Black + 5 preset colors that can be tinted

Lip tint:
– Pack of 24 lipsticks
– 21 preset colors and 3 grey colors for easy tinting

Essential Eyeliners:
– 10 types of eyeliners
– 10 preset black eyeliners with subtle shine that adds realism to the style
– 10 white eyeliners for easy tinting


Head: Lelutka Evo X Kaya
Hair: Wings – TO1220
Eyes: AG. Aphrodite Eyes
Earrings: MICHAN – Donna earrings

Brooklyn Eyebrows – Catwa HDPRO/Lelutka Evo/Lelutka Evo X

You asked for slit eyebrows, so here they are! You can choose from 3 sets – regular/slit/double slit. Brows are BOM tintable, fitted to Catwa HDPRo/Lelutka Evo Classic/Lelutka Evo x.
Exclusive product for Blanc. Demo is also at mainstore and full product will be available at Nuve after the event.

Please remember, version for each head is sold separately. Always try DEMO.

12 Days of Christmas

This is quite easily one of the most favorite times of the year for many. It’s the time of love, forgiveness, gratitude and giving.
If you have a family and friends, or your significant other, make sure to let them know you love them not only now, but as often as you can, because if I’ve learned anything in my life, it’s the fact you never know what will happen, so make sure people who care about you know you care about them too, it’s no fun to be alone especially during holidays. ♥

12 Days of Christmas. I’m very honored for the opportunity to participate in this event in collaboration with Lelutka.
I made Angie skin (Lelutka Evo X) for you, which will remain free until December 24, so hurry up, because Angie will be for sale at normal price after this event.

Gift can be received while wearing our VIP group tag, but don’t worry. Our group is free for the duration of this event.

I also made matching make-up and separate eyebrows for purchase. I hope you’re gonna love this gift as much as I loved making it ♥


Date Night makeup – Catwa HDPRO/Lelutka Evo/Evo X

Hello gorgeous ♥

Looking for some makeup for that special night? You can stop right here, becaUse we got you!
Date Night makeup is a gorgeous BOM (Bakes on mesh) set with 16 eyeshadows and 8 lipsticks.
This product is fitted to Catwa HDPRO/Lelutka Evo Classic/Lelutka evo X (head versions sold separately).
Available now at Dubai and at Mainstore after event will be over.


Long Night makeup set – Catwa HDPRO/Lelutka Evo Classic/Lelutka Evo X

Hi everoyne ♥

I hope you are excited about Halloween releases, because I sure am!
We were accepted to participate in October round of Dubai event and I prepared something special to fit the ocassion.
Long Night makeup set (BOM) fitted to Catwa HDPRO/Lelutka Evo Classic/Lelutka Evo X – Evo classic version will work with AK Advanced heads.

– Separate layers
– 5 smudged lipsticks and 5 normal lipstics
– Gray smudged and normal lipstick + white smudge on separate layer for easy tinting
– Runny mascara for both eyes or each eye separately
– Tintable eyeshadows with preset black color
– Every layer can be tinted

Demo is available at MAINSTORE
Taxi to DUBAI EVENT (October 20 – November 10)

Arwen skin and Eyebrows – Catwa HDPRO/Lelutka Evo Classic/Lelutka Evo X

Hi Divas ♥

Pop the bottle of champagne, because I FINALLY made new fantasy skins. Do you remember Lilith? Yeah, I’ve lost those files, BUT! I recreated her skin tones and added 4 new.
Skin tones: Pearl, Limestone, Mauve, Aquamarine, Maroon, Midnight, Emerald, Onyx

Full version contains:
– Face skin (brows + browless)
– Basic body skin v2 (Maitreya + Legacy fit. Tested also on eBody Reborn and I can confirm nice fit. Only nipples are very slightly off, but you can hide them with the included layer and use 3rd party ones)
– Shape
– Evo X ears included in Evo X version of the skin


Lexie skin and EyebrowsCatwa HDPRO/Lelutka Evo Classic/Lelutka Evo X

Hi everyone!

Meet our next beauty Lexie.
She is BOM based skin as usual. Tintable eyebrows are sold separately.
Fit for Catwa HDPRO, Lelutka Evolution Classic, Lelutka Evo X, sold separately.

Available at Mainstore

– Face skin (brows + browless)
– Basic body skin v2 (Maitreya + Legacy fit)
– Shape
– Cooling filter (Tinter) to tone down the saturation if you prefer cooler skin tones
– Evo X ears included in Evo X version of the skin