Body skin v4 update – new skin tones

Hello everyone!

It’s here, finally.
I added all fantasy skin tones and two remaining human tones.
Human tones: Snow, Alabaster
Fantasy tones: Pearl, Limestone, Mauve, Aquamarine, Cornflower, Mauve, Iris, Maroon, Mindight, Emerald, Onyx

If you purchased the human fat pack in the past, you will receive two new human tones for free via redelivery.

Body skin packs are being sold as follows:
Legacy + perky addon
Maitreya + petite addon
Kupra + Kups addon
Reborn + small breasts addon

Each pack includes layer to hide nipples, neck fades, so you can use the skins with faces from different designers and skin tinter, so you can adjust the color of your skin.

Regina Skin/Eyebrows/Eyeshadows/Lip tint – Lelutka Evo X

Hello ♥

Are you excited about Skin fair? We sure are!
Check out our new exclusives.♥ Regina skin comes in 27 skin tones! No, I’m not kidding. 27 Skin tones – 17 human and 10 fantasy 😀

Regina skin (photographed in sunkissed skin tone on Lelutka Evo X Avalon):
– Brows & Browless face
– Basic body skin v 2 (universal fit)
– Skin tinter (cooling filter) to tone down saturation or tint the skin
– shape

Tintable eyebrows, eyeshadows and Lip tint are sold as fat packs separately


Arwen skin and Eyebrows – Catwa HDPRO/Lelutka Evo Classic/Lelutka Evo X

Hi Divas ♥

Pop the bottle of champagne, because I FINALLY made new fantasy skins. Do you remember Lilith? Yeah, I’ve lost those files, BUT! I recreated her skin tones and added 4 new.
Skin tones: Pearl, Limestone, Mauve, Aquamarine, Maroon, Midnight, Emerald, Onyx

Full version contains:
– Face skin (brows + browless)
– Basic body skin v2 (Maitreya + Legacy fit. Tested also on eBody Reborn and I can confirm nice fit. Only nipples are very slightly off, but you can hide them with the included layer and use 3rd party ones)
– Shape
– Evo X ears included in Evo X version of the skin