Body skin v4 update – new skin tones

Body skin v4 update – new skin tones

Hello everyone!

It’s here, finally.
I added all fantasy skin tones and two remaining human tones.
Human tones: Snow, Alabaster
Fantasy tones: Pearl, Limestone, Mauve, Aquamarine, Cornflower, Mauve, Iris, Maroon, Mindight, Emerald, Onyx

If you purchased the human fat pack in the past, you will receive two new human tones for free via redelivery.

Body skin packs are being sold as follows:
Legacy + perky addon
Maitreya + petite addon
Kupra + Kups addon
Reborn + small breasts addon

Each pack includes layer to hide nipples, neck fades, so you can use the skins with faces from different designers and skin tinter, so you can adjust the color of your skin.

Body skin v4 – eBody Reborn

Body skin v4 – eBody Reborn

It’s finally here!

Long awaited body skin fit for our gorgeous eBody Reborn is available at Nuve Mainstore.
Available in 18 skin tones.


– Body skin v 4 in one skin tone
– Layer to hide nipples
– Addon for small breasts
– Skin tinter (with preset color to tone down saturation of the skin)
– Neck fade for use with face skins of other brands

Body skins v4

Body skins v4

The day has finally come.

Our new body skins are available at mainstore. Available in these packs:

Maitreya + Petite addon
Legacy + Perky addon
Kupra + Kups addon

Previous bodies:
Body v1 – retired in 2017
Body v2 – will remain inside the skin packs as a basic body, won’t be updated any further
Body v3 – Retired in 2020. This concept was based on universal body + addon, which is no longer possible with the number of bodies we’re now supporting
Body v4 (NEW) – New standalone product for optional purchase. It’s not based on addons as previous body. Instead I’ve decided to create separate body fits to reduce use of layers and ensure the best possible compatibility

Cleavages, freckles and other addons or skin enhancements willl be added for optional purchase as soon as possible.


  • Meshbody Legacy in porcelain tone on the left (wearing This is Wrong basic body shine 10%), Inithium Kupra Origin in nougat tone on the right (wearing built in body shine)
Body v3 update

Body v3 update

Hello my darlings ♥

I know I kept you waiting for a while. No slacking, I promise. I secretly updated body v3. There are two versions now. Slim and chubby. Everything is the same, I just improved overal look of the body, added neck fix (it’s built in, no need to wear it), so you can wear the body with 3rd party faces and I also improved our cleavage option.

The body pack now contains:
3 skin tones (Slim or chubby version), 4 types of cleavages (small – flat, medium – cleavage 1, large – cleavage 2 and pushup – cleavage 3), shading for feet, hider for nipples and nipple fix for Maitreya, Slink and Belleza bodies), freckles and moles.
Slim version contains the old body update in case you prefer the older one.

Body v3 is optional, you don’t have to purchase it in order to wear Nuve skins, because we offer complete skin inside the package. However, skin packages contain basic body without addons, so if you want updated and more realistic one with options, body v3 is your choice.

Body is based on Addons. Meaning you need to wear body first, if you use different body than Legacy, wear nipple fix for your body, add cleavage and feet shading.

30% OFF until the end of November

* The update was rolled out, if you didn’t receive your copy, visit Nuve Mainstore and click the Redelivery terminal