SL graphics settings

This is my setup for daily life in SL. If your HW is slower (as in mid range, non high end gaming pc, but not too weak either) and you wanna take decent pictures of your avi, some close ups etc. This is for you.

Just to be clear, these settings are not intended for extra weak hardware. If you have very old HW, you’re gonna need to turn off much more including shadows. These settings are for people without the possibility to go full on ultra settings with mid range HW.

A) If you take photos of your avatar, you don’t need to render the environment that surrounds you, remember that. If you turn off Ambient Occlusion and Advanced Lighting model it’s decent settings for slower HW.
B) If you have older HW, turn off VBO and OpenGL.
C) If you have better HW, leave VBO and OpenGL on and add Anisotropic Filtering to enhance the quality a bit.
D) If you wanna take a picture of the environment, you’re gonna need to enhance terrain, trees, sky etc. quality + LOD factor if objects in distance won’t load properly for you.
E) Set draw distance to minimum for clearer shadows if you take closeups

Alway remember that simple setup won’t do it. To get your picture right, you have to play with sun angle, day time and windlight.

Little tip for Legacy body users.If your camera angle is messed up, way too much above you, hit the little camera on your Legacy HUD. Legacy messes with camera. If that doesn’t help, hit ESC several times and if this fails, reset camera with ctrl + 9.

WL settings for download:

WL EEP settings can be found:

** Just a small addition after I received a few questions.
No, guys I don’t have bad HW, I have a custom build computer that withstands very high pressure from me.
And believe me, I’m very demanding on my HW while creating content for SL.
I just tend to run SL along with other 3rd party programs, so I don’t wanna push my HW, it’s not needed.
These settings are here to show you, that you don’t have to blow up your computer in order to have nice pictures.
Many people tend to max their sliders without even knowing what they actually do and if they significantly affect the picture or not.
I am no pro in understanding HW and I’ve never claimed it. However, I’ve been in SL for 12 years, so I’ve learned a few tips.