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New Mainstore

Hello everyone!

It was faster than I thought it will be.
Wonderful news! Nuve joined forces with a few talented designers and moved to the shared region. Isn’t that wonderful?

Celebrate with us!
Visit our new MAINSTORE and receive 250L$ store credit one time reward by clicking the Reward terminal (exclusively for NUVE VIP GROUP members).

We also have new discount room on the 1st floor. Everything released before rebranding under the old Spicy brand is discounted by 30% permanently.



Home, News about the brand

Rebranding to Nuve

As many of you know already, me and my managers were planning to rebrand Spicy.
And we thought we already had a name, but picking one turned out to be more difficult than we thought.
After hours and days of brainstorming, we finally have it.Spicy is closing. One thing must end, so something new can begin.We chose the name Nuve.
It’s a made up name which happens to have a meaning with its variations in several languages. Nüve means nucleus/core, Nuve means cloud, Nuwe means New. And we immediately clicked with the name, with the sound of it and with the meaning behind it.

Spicy was no longer direction I wanted to go. It doesn’t felt like it corresponds to the products I want to offer. We wanna build classy, respectable brand and I think the proper name is an important aspect.The preparations start on the 1st of September.

The parcel will be closed and I will start with the reconstruction. Sorry for the inconvenience regarding that. Then we will proceed with the rest of the things related to the brand like website, in-world group etc..

All spicy items will be available in a specific room in-world and on MP. Only the extremely old stuff will be removed from the in-world store.

Thank you for your attention and the support I have received from you in recent years ♥

New in-world group (Free for certain period of time)

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Permanent price reduction of old stuff

Hi everyone ♥

I just wanted to let you know, I permanently reduced prices of old stuff for Genus and Catwa skin appliers on the second floor of my IN-WORLD STORE. Meaning every skin package that doesn’t include system layers (BOM) is being sold with discount for everyone.

Sinlge package – 199L$
(3 skin tones, 4 eyebrow colors, 1 browless version, 3 hairbase colors + 1 tintable version, shapes)
Fat Pack – 750L$
(12 skin tones, 4 eyebrow colors, 1 browless version, 3 hairbase colors + 1 tintable version, shapes)

News about the brand

In-world store is open again

Hi everyone!

It didn’t take as long as i thought it will. I’m glad I’m done, finally 🙂
Anyway, the store is open again, I sorted my products and some were discounted by 30%.

Catwa: All my fantasy skins (Dark elf, Vamp, Vixen, Wicked Witch), Chelsea, Dollie, Lucy, Hope
Single pack 490L$
Fat Pack 1400L$


Raw SL snapshots, not photoshopped. Advanced lighting was used along with Pink Powder windlight. My windlight pack can be downloaded HERE.

News about the brand

Spicy is open again!

Hi everyone,

I’ve got some good news for you.

1st – You can visit Spicy again! Yay. I finished rebuilding my store and it’s open for public once again.

2nd – Older appliers are discounted by 30%. Single pack 390L$, Full/Fat pack 690L$. You can find discounted items in second floor of the store.

See some photos below and stop by to check it out.

My personal Windlight

Download my settings HERE

Install instruction:

Navigate to these folders, copy XML file in there and that’s it. Easy peasy, right? Enjoy and don’t forget to share pictures with Spicy stuff in our Flickr group HERE!

Windows –C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\SecondLife\user_settings\windlight\skies
C:\Program Files\SecondLifeViewer\app_settings\windlight\skies

Mac – use Go menu > Go to Folder and paste in: ~/Library/Application Support/SecondLife/user_settings/windlight/skies



See? I’m waiting for you infront of Spicy 😀


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Important INFO!

Hi everyone,

In next few days, Spicy will be undergoing reconstruction. So I decided to set up 50% SALE on EVERYTHING before I close the store for the public. This applies to old and new skin appliers aswell.

If you need redelivery, stop by at my store and get it, since this option will be available after reopening.


Hurry up, sale will last only few hours!

*Spicy will be closed by midnight CEST (Centra European summer time),  3:00AM SL Time


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New Spicy look and 30% discount

Hello everyone!

First of all – Spicy has new look. I hope you like it! That’s not only good news I’ve got for you. I’ve selected skin appliers created before November 2017 and placed them in the building with an “Old appliers” sign. They’re being sold with 30% discount now, cool right? And of course you earn 6% store credit with each purchase.


So, my store has new look. Did I mention that? Of course I did. Don’t worry, location is still the same. Let me show you.

Or if you wanna see it for yourself -> TAXI HERE