Bloggers and Application


Please, read these rules carefully and fill in the Google form below before you send your app on Blogotex. Failing to do so will result in automatic rejection!
Thank you for your understanding.

Blogotex terminal HERE

Requirements you have to meet before filling out an application ↓
1) At least 1 item from Nuve you blogged before. This is a mandatory requirement.
2) We want to see an active blogging history of at least 6 months with a stable following base 1000 + followers and views 500 + per pic)
3) Your pictures must be high quality. Remember we are a cosmetics brand. We expect to see close-ups of skins and makeup
4) We require 2 posts per month. Nudity is allowed as long as it’s tasteful. No porn or harmful content will be accepted.

* We’re looking for loyal bloggers believing in our brand. We’re not looking for short-term cooperation. Contact blogger manager LauraGenia Viper in case you need any assistance.
General rules for posting if you are part of our team. Read carefully. ↓
1) 2 posts are required per month, the more the better of course.
2) Product must be clearly visible and recognizable.
3) You should use the intended head brand. Even though skins are BOM, do not use Genus skin on Catwa head, etc. We need you to promote the product as it’s supposed to look when unpacked and used with the head it was designed for.
4) First skin post needs to be photographed without enhancements – no covering up with heavy makeup.
5) Your photos must be high quality and skin + make-up blog posts should have close-ups. Failure to do a close-up could result in a rejected post.
6) Nudity containing Nuve products is allowed as long as it’s tasteful.
7) If you don’t post anything after the system warning, you will be suspended by the system.
If you fail to contact us even after the blogger manager reaches out, you will be removed from the team. Communication is the key to successful cooperation and we want you to be honest. If you can’t blog anymore or you have to drop some of the sponsors. Say so, we understand and we don’t bite.


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Logo in several sizes ↓


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