New HD lipsticks

Hi dolls ♥

I’ve decided to take some retired make-up I still like and rework the texture. I also adjusted the fit a little bit for our beautiful Lelutka Evolution heads, added more colors and here we are!
Welcome back Pastel matte and Powder matte HD lipsticks.
99L$ until monday 30, 11:59 PM SLT.


Lian skin and Eyebrows – Catwa HDPRO/Lelutka Evo Classic/Lelutka Evo x

Hi everyone!

As promised, we’re adding more diversity to our store. Meet our next beauty Lian.
She is BOM based skin as usual. Tintable eyebrows are sold separately.
Fit for Catwa HDPRO, Lelutka Evolution Classic, Lelutka Evo X, sold separately.

Coming to TLC event!
Event Opening Date: August 18, 2021
Event Closing Date: September 10, 2021

– Face skin (brows + browless)
– Basic body skin v2 (Maitreya + Legacy fit)
– Shape
– Cooling filter (Tinter) to tone down the saturation if you prefer cooler skin tones
– Evo X ears included in Evo X version of the skin


Hope skin and Brows – Catwa HDPRO/LeL Evo/LeL Evo X

Hi dolls,

Let me itroduce you to Hope, because we all gotta have one, right? Pun intended.

There are some changes coming with Hope.
We’ve decided to no longer offer skin multipacks, as I kept receiving many requests from people who wanted to purchase only one skin tone.
So from now on, all our future skin releases will be available in single tone packs and price will be reduced to 790L$

– Face skin (brows + browless)
– Basic body skin v2 (Maitreya + Legacy fit)
– Shape
– Cooling filter (Tinter) to tone down the saturation if you prefer cooler skin tones
– Evo X ears included in Evo X version of the skin




Body skins v4

The day has finally come.

Our new body skins are available at mainstore. Available in these packs:

Maitreya + Petite addon
Legacy + Perky addon
Kupra + Kups addon

Previous bodies:
Body v1 – retired in 2017
Body v2 – will remain inside the skin packs as a basic body, won’t be updated any further
Body v3 – Retired in 2020. This concept was based on universal body + addon, which is no longer possible with the number of bodies we’re now supporting
Body v4 (NEW) – New standalone product for optional purchase. It’s not based on addons as previous body. Instead I’ve decided to create separate body fits to reduce use of layers and ensure the best possible compatibility

Cleavages, freckles and other addons or skin enhancements willl be added for optional purchase as soon as possible.


  • Meshbody Legacy in porcelain tone on the left (wearing This is Wrong basic body shine 10%), Inithium Kupra Origin in nougat tone on the right (wearing built in body shine)

Dimples for Catwa HDPRO/LeL Evo/Evo X

Hi dolls ♥

I haven’t done many skin enhancements in the past, but I’m hoping that will change and I will expand a little more.
These Dimples are our newest release.
They were carefully fitted to Catwa HDPRO, Lelutka Evolution and Lelutka Evo X. Evo and HDPRO versions might fit heads from different brands, but please, always test DEMO first.


– 2 opacities (70% and 100%)
– 18 tintable skin colors
– BOM only
– Fitted to Catwa HDPRO/Lelutka Evo/LeL Evo X (sold separately)


New BOM Eyebrows

Ahhh it’s been a while, right?

I promised the new eyebrows will be for sale soon and here they are!

Natural Arch eyebrows were created for Lelutka Evo + Evo X and Catwa HDPRO.
Lilith Eyebrows and Bushy eyebrows are both available for Genus, Catwa HDPRO, LeL Evo and I updated them also for Evo X ♥

All 3 updated eyebrows are mainstore release and will be dicounted to 99L$ for VIP GROUP members only (Wear your group tag to get a refund).
If you are not a VIP member, the eyebrows are available for a full price.


Nuve at SL18B Shop&Hop

SL18 birthday is coming and another round of Shop & Hop event with it and we are part of this round♥
What can you look forward to?

30% Off everything in our booth
10% store credit with each purchase
Free gift – Tintable BOM lipstick for Catwa HDPRO/LeL Evo/Evo X
June 17 – July 6


The Free gift will be moved to the VIP gift area when the event is over.