Catwa HDPRO BOM skin + Group gift

Hi everyone ♥

First of all WOW! Did you try new Catwa HDPRO head? It’s very beautiful!
Since I purchased the head, I decided I’m gonna recreate the new asian skin for this head too and it turned out so beautiful. Also It’s available in 3 skin tones pack (+ group gift pack) along with fat pack.

LIGHT TONE PACK FOR FREE! I decided we’re gonna have triplets instead of twins, so light skin tone pack is for free as a Group gift and our Nuve group is free to join for a limited time.


Single pack: 3 skin tones, 4 eyebrow versions + browless version, shape, Eyebrow shaper

Fat pack: 12 skin tones, 4 eyebrow versions + browless version inside each pack, shape, eyebrow shaper

You can also purchase separate HD lipstick or tintable BOM eyebrows.

IMPORTANT: Please note, the skin won’t fit older Catwa heads, it was designed specifically for the new line of HDPRO bento heads.

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