Rebranding to Nuve

Rebranding to Nuve

As many of you know already, me and my managers were planning to rebrand Spicy.
And we thought we already had a name, but picking one turned out to be more difficult than we thought.
After hours and days of brainstorming, we finally have it.Spicy is closing. One thing must end, so something new can begin.We chose the name Nuve.
It’s a made up name which happens to have a meaning with its variations in several languages. Nüve means nucleus/core, Nuve means cloud, Nuwe means New. And we immediately clicked with the name, with the sound of it and with the meaning behind it.

Spicy was no longer direction I wanted to go. It doesn’t felt like it corresponds to the products I want to offer. We wanna build classy, respectable brand and I think the proper name is an important aspect.The preparations start on the 1st of September.

The parcel will be closed and I will start with the reconstruction. Sorry for the inconvenience regarding that. Then we will proceed with the rest of the things related to the brand like website, in-world group etc..

All spicy items will be available in a specific room in-world and on MP. Only the extremely old stuff will be removed from the in-world store.

Thank you for your attention and the support I have received from you in recent years ♥

New in-world group (Free for certain period of time)

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