Anniversary Gift

Anniversary Gift

Hi everyone. It’s been 3 years since I rebranded and Spicy Bodyshop as you know it was formed. I decided I will create something special. Previously I gave out some gifts for Catwa and Genus, nothing for Lelutka and I’m changing it now. Meet Holly. My newest skin (BOM only) for Lelutka.

  • Version with and without eyebrows
  • Version for new and old type of Lelutka heads
  • BOM layers only

You have to be member of Spicy group in order to receive the gift. Please note, that fee for joining the group is 10L$ to prevent bots and spammers from joining. If you are a member of the group already, you can visit the Mainstore and get your gift. If you’re not member yet and you don’t have time to stop by in-world, you can also get the gift on Marketplace.

Piper bento head

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